Simple but full of memory
Tradition noodle soup recall childhood memory,
hand-made wonton with healthy and fresh ingredients is recommended.

Fresh, is what we provide
Local healthy vegetable with chef special cause,
and providing diversity choices from artful appetizer to steam Dim Sum and more.

Find your own comfort food
Besides hot dish, stew and desserts areas.
We also provide quaint table service and upto 15 dish can be ordered from chef specail menu.
Customized diversity
Variety of change to meeting to eating area.
Service includs healthy buffet, wedding banquet and professional catering.


Taichung branch

Fresh, is what we provide
Hot dishes, stews and desserts, and diversity choices
from artful appetizers to steam Dim Sum and much more.
We also provide exquisite Table Services:
up to 10-15 dishes can be ordered from chef's special menu.
Hoping you will find your comfort food here.

Customized diversity
Variety usage of spaces from business meeting to family dining.
Service includes healthy buffet, wedding banquet and professional catering.

Service Hour & Prices
11:30~14:00 / 17:30~21:00
Adult NT430(+10%) /Child NT250(+10%)

Weekend & National Holiday
11:30~14:00 / 17:30~21:00
Adult NT480(+10%) /Child NT290(+10%)

Thursday Special
11:30~14:00 / 17:30~21:00
Adult NT390 /Child NT238

*Pricing Method*
under 100cm→Free
over 140 cm →Adult

Tel: (886)-04-22955298
Add: No. 555, Daya Rd., North Dist., Taichung City, 40454, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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